CampusAI raises $10 million pre-seed funding for global expansion of human-AI collaboration training CampusAI is revolutionizing the way people learn to use artificial intelligence. Thanks to $10 million in pre-seed capital from business angel Maciej Zientara, the company will create a global network of interactive platforms teaching collaboration with AI and will launch a virtual district for testing ideas.

Warsaw, June 11—CampusAI raised $10 million of pre-seed funding, a record for a Polish startup, to develop its online training ecosystem, enter as many as 10 new markets and teach 200,000 new users how to collaborate better with artificial intelligence.

CampusAI, founded early last year, immerses people in the world of AI and trains them to use the technology more effectively, including by setting their own learning path; choosing tools that fit their personality; and writing better and more complex prompts. Its avatar-based blended learning model, in which practice plays a key role, boasts completion rates up to 10 times those of traditional e-learning methods.